About me . . .

Firstly thank you for visiting my website. When putting it together I've kept things plain and simple, this has paid off, as I'm
frequently told how helpful and uncomplicated it is.
I am a mature, though very young at heart, lady living right in the centre of Charlton Kings in Cheltenham. I offer a fast, friendly
and flexible service that I frequently tailor (excuse the pun) to meet my client's needs. 
Over time I have gained a lot of experience and can now tell very quickly whether a request is possible or not. On the occasions
when it is not, I am always honest and up front with people from the start.
This has gained me respect and trust and with equal importance eliminates potential for the predictable to go wrong!
Portraying an air of knowledge and confidence is vital in order to reassure people and I know it's what puts my mind at rest
when I seek the services of 
a professional. 

No matter what I do, I pride myself on paying great attention to detail and stick firmly to the belief that
only my very best is good enough

May I take this opportunity to welcome anyone new yet to come to me and to thank all those who have already used and
continue to use my service.